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On Winn’s part, “I think he’s a little bit worried that Mon-El might be moving in on Kara, and I think it brings up old feelings in Winn that he’s sort of packed down,” Jeremy Jordan tells TVLine. “He never really dealt with what went down with Kara in Season 1, so if something starts happening there, he’s going to have to figure out how to deal with it.” As for James, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg may have told reporters that he and Kara as “best as friends,” but that doesn’t mean the photographer-turned-vigilante is necessarily over her. So there isn't much optimism being built into the fabulous storyline involving Oswald Cobblepot's growing sense of romantic longing for his partner in mayorship and crime, Ed Nygma, especially now that someone new (sorta) has caught Ed's eye.Tonight's episode took things a little further for all three characters, and not only did things get more complicated, but they're a lot weirder now.“We don’t want to pit these women against each other,” Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty, said during TVLine’s visit to the show’s Vancouver set last November. We didn’t want to make it seem like these women had nothing better to do than fight over a man — especially one who, in the comics, picks one [girl] one day and the other the next.

the strength in Betty out so that the world can see it.” But the infamous love triangle isn’t gone; it’s just morphing into another shape altogether. That's when Oswald goes into Penguin-lite mode for some evil-doing.Penguin has a conversation with Isabella in which he uncarefully clues her in on Ed's past at Arkham Asylum, down to the fact that it was murder that landed him there.I TRULY felt like he wasn’t that into me.” NEWS: “He told me he had ‘an amazing date with Leah,’ but also an amazing time with me,” she writes. — is rumored to be engaged to Josh, has even found support from none other than his mom."He let me know he would be giving me his rose [...] but said he wanted to get to know Leah and I BOTH better and reminded me ONCE AGAIN that he was also ‘very excited for Jen to arrive.’ He told me he wanted to be on the same page as far as dating other people and made it CLEAR AS DAY that we were going to both explore our options.” VIDEO: See Chad’s Totally Awkward “I would NEVER intentionally hurt [Nick] or go on a date without talking to him first if we hadn’t had that talk the night before! Taking to Facebook, Mama Murray reiterated what Amanda wrote: However, Josh and Nick can’t seem to agree on whether the editing really shows the truth or not.

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all attention has been moved from him (and his weird relationship with Lace) onto the love triangle between Josh Murray, Amanda Stanton, and Nick Viall. While the show’s editing has it appear Josh swoops in on Amanda immediately after arriving in paradise — leaving Nick heartbroken — the mom of two says it didn’t really go down the way it played out on screen.” she writes on her blog.