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La asistencia fue excelente y se logró recaudar varios víveres que al final de la gira se convertirán en despensas, gracias a Culminis Cares, y entregadas a gente de escasos recursos en Sonora.

Comparto con ustedes algunas fotografias que estan en el blog de la comunidad de Tech Net Navojoa.

No other missionary story impressed itself as firmly on my young mind as how Elliot chose to love the Huoarani people, continuing to work among this tribe in Ecuador though they were the very people who’d killed her husband., I met Elliot anew as a woman obedient amid the longings and uncertainties of singleness and a five-year courtship.

Part memoir, part advice, Elliot used the story of her relationship with Jim Elliot to exhort Christian singles to the sexual obedience of chastity before marriage, charity after marriage.

The Alumni Board provides also the voice of the alumni population, encouraging all graduates to be vital members of the Alumni Association.

Alumni Board members promote and support the goals and core values of Saint Xavier University, fostering a spirit of loyalty and fellowship among alumni.

Chicago (March 11, 2009) The Saint Xavier University Alumni Association welcomes 11 new members to its Board of Directors this spring.

Representing more than 29,000 graduates of Saint Xavier University, the Alumni Association Board of Directors takes leadership in interpreting and guiding the needs of the entire alumni population.

Reina missed Liverpool's last two games and was benched during Spain's 1-1 draw against Finland on Friday.

Citizen Activist Group Charged With Hate Crimes By accusing politicians of performing as "lap dogs for corporate wealth" and calling them "sexual perverts for snuggling at the crotch of capital "and "foot fetishists for licking the boots of power", the citizen action group SCORN has been accused of hate crimes by congress, the president, major media, and organized religion.

A spokesperson for the established values coalition said “Our great nation was not built on straight talk, honesty, or calling a spade a spade.

Hola compañeros, les traigo la información recién llegada de Navojoa Sonora en donde ya se presentó Culminis Latinoamérica para presentar los programas: Culminis Alliance, Culminis Speakers y Culminis Cares.

Israel del municipio de navojoa nos apoyó con la plática: Windows 7, Yo por mi parte apoyé con la parte de Windows Server 2008 R2 y la descripción de Culminis, Roberto Jaime Caballero, lider de la comunidad, aprovechó también para dar a conocer los programas ITPro Momentos, MVA entre otros.

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Green Peace Has Corporate Rival Green Pus, a new advocacy group formed by international capital, lauds garbage and waste as profit makers that can be recycled into more garbage and waste which will create jobs to produce, distribute, sell and then collect, recycle and reproduce more garbage and waste.