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This is not the sort of thing you can do in most computer games; but then, this isn't a computer game, not really, but more a kind of vast virtual imaginarium.

In Second Life, you can do just about anything you like; creating a character and making as many adaptations to this "avatar" and its environment as you can design – or as many as you are willing to pay other more technically gifted residents to provide you with.

But it won't be long before we're all at it, if cybersex entrepreneur Kevin Alderman (right) gets his way.

Children of the Webcam is a powerful and disturbing film about the rapid growing new phenomenon of child sexual abuse via the webcam.

There have been as many as three busts a week there this spring.

Last week, a woman divorced her husband after he had a 'virtual' affair in an online game.

There are more than 50 thousand sexual predators online at any given moment.

With no system in place or developed, the international law-enforcements are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with these predators because this type of cybercrime is almost impossible to detect and to prove.

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