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Intimidating police cars

Police fleets in Vancouver and Calgary have both switched to a stealthy looking black and grey paint scheme.In the view of Johnathon Vaughn Strebly, it's a step in the wrong direction.Having built my life as a design professional in the field of visual culture over the past 20 years, I have to ask what purpose is served by the recent shift in police vehicle design in cities across Canada.Toronto police cruisers are getting a drastic make-over, from white with bright red and blue decals, to stealth-like dark grey colours with equally somber decals that blend into the paint.Here's hoping all of these intimidating cop cars will make you think twice before you decide to speed.These police cruisers are a little different from the Ford Crown Victorias that cops usually cruise around in.

Toronto police recently unveiled a new colour scheme for their cruisers.Strebly is the president and ethics chair of Graphic Designers Canada and he argues that design creates reality.He says police officers are courageous, responsible individuals who are integral to our safety and well-being, and he argues if they want to reflect that, it's time to lose the intimidating colour scheme on police fleets.She feels the cars don’t reflect the values the VPD has worked to express.“It’s not the kind of imagery that would I think, for instance, attract say a young First Nations girl who needs help.

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Many countries in Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, have used bright, colourful Battenburg Markings for decades to Fortunately, the RCMP, internationally known for its scarlet red uniforms, has maintained vivid colour schemes.

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