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In the exchanges where he pretended to be a teenager, Leiper asked his victim her age, whether she liked "older boys" and if she "was a virgin".

Paul Dykes Jr., 20, and Erin Vickers, 22, are facing a combined 78 charges related to the alleged abuse.

Alistair Leiper, who was a police constable with the Met, pretended he was 17 years old when he told a teenager to masturbate after offering to show himself "wanking" on camera in April 2014.

He also asked another 14-year-old girl to show her "boobs", in return for him showing his "dick" during an exchange on the online chat service the previous December.

A few of the images recovered on his phone showed a woman performing sex acts on a one-year-old girl, who was later identified as Vickers.

Cops then raided her home and found 64 similar images on her cellphone, 40 of which appeared to be duplicates.

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