Dating dealing with competition

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The running footsteps thundering alongside you, the blood pounding in you rears and through your veins, the racing of your heart – these are the signs of competition, hot on your heels.The market is crowded and everyone is looking for a larger slice of the pie.When they're having a brawl, they each have a side.You have to take them aside, break them apart and find out what's your problem, Tim, what's your problem, Matt. They talk about a speech that I gave them years ago that I forgot. I went and got my high school manual, and I came in and I opened it up.You hear about a tournament that piques your interest.You train for weeks using the best new methods you can find.

" And they knew one of them, they'd heard of another one, they didn't know the other two.We don't always stop to think about the fact of living through this process.Looking at the happiness of other couples, it's easy to assume that they are always sure of themselves, always happy, and never experience any doubts about their choices, but nothing could be further from the truth.On the way to the venue, your heart rate increases. The nervousness intensifies as you get your gi checked and you weigh in. As you take a moment to collect yourself, you wonder, “What happened to me?Then, seemingly all of a sudden, your mat coordinator calls you up and it’s your turn to fight. ” You did not fight the way you train in your academy.

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Philosophically speaking, ‘God made all men equal but to beat the competition you have to make yourself unequalled’.

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